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1.    POSITION TITLE:             General Manager

2. PURPOSE OF THE POSITION:  Be responsible for the operational management and co-ordination of all services and activities of Arts Integrated Trust. To promote the activities of the Trust and to deliver on the objectives outlined within the Strategic Plan and Annual Business Plan.


4. RESPONSIBLE FOR: Arts Integrated services & operations and accountable for an operational budget as set by the Trustees each financial year. The General Manager will manage our people and our day-to-day operations, including the artistic programme (produced and received), events, projects and Trust administration.

  1. FUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Students, Tutors, Support & Assistant Tutors families/Whanau, significant others and personnel of Arts Integrated Trust

Arts Integrated provides for the education support, guidance, training and encouragement of disabled people to experience and develop their performing arts talents and abilities within New Zealand.                                                                                             

 Human Resource Management


  • Provide leadership and human resource management of the Tutors, Coordinator, Support and Assistant Tutors
  • Provide team building opportunities and maintain a positive team culture.
  • Performance appraisals are undertaken and include developmental programmes and professional development. Learning plans are  monitored and evaluated.
  • Actively manage team performance and conduct in accordance with organisational policies and guidelines, seeking specialist advice from experts as required.
  • Deal effectively with performance issues.
  • Workforce planning is undertaken to meet the requirements of the Arts Integrated Trust services/ operations.
  • All performance issues dealt with effectively and resolved in a timely fashion
  • Adequate and competent staffing levels are maintained at all times
  • HR policies and procedures are adhered to
  • HR Key Performance indicators are managed effectively and reported as required by Board of Trustees.


Service Delivery Management/Development


  • Contribute to overall service development and ensure that new services are implemented as per the annual business plan.
  • Ensure appropriate communication and coordination of activities between teams.
  • Investigate, report and monitor service performance, including complaints and incidents/accidents.




  • Services will be delivered in accordance with standards and all legal/contractual requirements met.
  • Students report positively about the services delivered and stakeholder relationships actively managed.
  • Facilities are maintained as per the maintenance plan.



Financial Management


  • To undertake the effective management and administration of the operations of Arts Integrated Trust.
  • Responsible for the operational implementation of budgetary control systems.
  • To be responsible for budgetary control and expenditure within the authority matrix.
  • Responsible for variance reports between actual costs versus budgeted costs.
  • Responsible for Financial KPI reporting.


  • Identify and proactively notify BOT any emerging funding needs, changes in expenditure rates relative to budgeted amounts to prevent /reduce instances of over spending
  • Adhere to FTE budgeted employee ratios and to contractor workforce ceilings and allocations.
  • Budget targets met.

Quality and risk management


  • Responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of programme for Arts Integrated Trust.
  • Lead quality management team & deliver quality objectives
  • Responsible for the appropriate investigation of incidents, accidents relating to resident population.



  • Evaluation and feedback is undertaken as per the Annual Business Plan.

 Health and Safety



·         Be responsible for the operational management of the Trust’s health and safety programme

·         To ensure Health and Safety at Work Act  2015 responsibilities are carried out in accordance with the Trust procedures

·         Demonstrate a high level of commitment to and understanding of the Company’s Health & Safety Management System by ensuring they are familiar with all policies and procedures as they affect their working environment.

·         Ensure that all staff within area of responsibility will be trained and supervised adequately in carrying out their work safely.

·         Systematically identify and assess hazards within the working environment and take all practical steps to control those hazards

·         All incidents including near misses are reported as required in Health & Safety policies and procedures.

  • Ensure that all accidents/incidents/near misses are reported.
  • All lost time injury documentation is reported and serious harm injuries are reported to Worksafe New Zealand.
  • All staff /Contractors are made aware of and adequately trained in safe work practices.

Stakeholder Relationship Management


·         Maintain delegated relationships with funders and potential donors

·         Attend meetings with providers/NGO’s/Funders/contract managers/ families and others as required. Prepare feedback to the BOT where it is identified that funding issues or changes in policy may affect the Trust.

·         Ensure processes for appropriate student participation are implemented.

·         Stakeholder relationships are managed effectively

·         Relationship Management Plan completed quarterly.


Project Management


·         Prepare Business Cases for the BOT for specific projects as per annual business plan.

·         Lead the planning and implementation of projects and

facilitate the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables

·         Define project tasks and resource requirements and project plans

·         Be accountable for the  project budget


·         All allocated projects will be managed appropriately and outcomes delivered as per the annual business plan.

General Administration


·         Undertake administration tasks associated with own activities.










General Manager Job Description

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