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About Arts Integrated

The journey of Arts Integrated aims to create independence, enhance life skills and strengthen communities as well as assisting to form friendships, identities and a sense of belonging.

Arts Integrated:

A charitable trust that offers a two-year programme for school leavers to experience dance, drama and music as well as many unique aspects in the arts. These include connecting, learning, being active, being part of a team and most importantly the socialising. The programme is three hours per week – 32 weeks per year.

A one-year programme offers music, including learning about and identifying a range of musical genres; how music is made; singing; and making and playing instruments. The programme is two hours per week – 32 weeks per year.

Arts Integrated:

Operates out of North City Church, 95 Sawyers Arms Road, Papanui.  This is a fantastic community hub as it is close to transport, shops and cafes and a place where the students are able to connect with other people utilising the church. 

Arts Integrated:

Provides a safe, inclusive environment where each participant is enabled and encouraged to reach their full potential through developing skills in the performing arts.

At the completion of the programmes offered, it is our hope that the students have developed skills and confidence to connect with other opportunities in the community. They will have identified what they enjoy and what their strengths are. Some students may look at joining a local drama group or choir, others may want to continue to learn. 



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